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Are you struggling to develop leadership talent and monitor education compliance for your team? Are there new systems and processes to be shared with large numbers of staff in different locations? Do you need to add skills to your team to advance your programs? You’re not alone.

Tell me and I will forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

- Benjamin Franklin

After listening to these common concerns from many of our clients, Ruck-Shockey and Associates has created Ruck-Shockey Learning℠ to provide learning solutions and support for our industry.

Content, courses, and programs are designed by seasoned operational leaders, consultants and/or educators. We appreciate the challenges faced in developing people and teams. Personally, we have also struggled at times advancing people and teams necessary for top performance. But we have used those experiences to design content that drives skill development through scenarios, practice, and self-reflection using industry examples.

Ruck-Shockey Learning℠ is your resource for:

Performance Leadership

Front-Line Leadership Programs

  • Online, new operational leader course series focused on key foundational, technical and integration skills needed to elevate the performance of front-line leaders
  • Courses geared to hospitality with built in practice, scenarios and learning assessment

Performance Leadership Development

  • Customized learning development plans and courses designed to grow skills
  • Online, in person and video education options
  • Group or individual development plans

Performance Coaching

  • Integrate learning and technical skill development with an experienced industry leader
  • Flexible option for one on one or team performance coaching

Customized Online Training With or Without Compliance Tracking

  • Flexible choices for content development and tracking systems
  • Different options for content delivery - online or in person
  • Report availability for compliance tracking

The Benefits of Ruck-Shockey Learning℠ Are:

  1. ROI for retaining team members and engaged leaders
  2. Easy access for you and your team
  3. Completed at your own pace
  4. Leadership development that can be combined with Performance Coaching.
  5. Immediate application - PRICELESS!

Julie Jones

Director of Performance Learning