Happy Environmental Services Week! September 11-17, 2022

Posted on September 11th, 2022

This week we will recognize environmental services workers across the world, a group of professionals who impact everyone everywhere. These individuals whose work is mostly noticed when not done, but seldomly noticed when done properly are the secret behind great infection prevention in our buildings. Over the last few years, we have now recognized these workers as “essential”, as they contribute minimizes harmful pathogens that have been thrust into the spotlight of Covid-19.

Take a moment this week to show gratitude and appreciation for the workers who clean around you, disinfect your restrooms, remove your trash, or make your environment aesthetically pleasing. Doing all of these tasks with little recognition, and many times resource-challenged, covering multiple roles.

The RSA team wants to take a minute to send a THANK YOU! to Environmental Services workers, across the world. You are a YOU ARE ESSENTIAL and should be recognized as such!

Happy Environmental Services Week From RSA!